Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is RezRunner?

  • RezRunner is a resume optimizing solution. It provides recommendations to your resume to improve your chances of getting interview calls. The suggestions, upon implementation, make your resume rank better in the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) used by companies.
  • What is an applicant tracking system?

  • Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are software tools used by almost all hiring companies. Usually, every job posting receives hundreds of applications. The recruiter/hiring manager does not have enough time and resources to process all the resumes. So, a recruiter takes help of the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), a software tool that helps in the process by acting as a sieve, selecting and rejecting application on criteria basis. ATS rank orders resumes based on relevance to the job posted. Recruiters/Hiring managers select only top-ranked resumes for the next stages of the process.
  • From job applicant point of view, what is the problem in the above process?

  • ATS reduces the effort for the recruiter/hiring manager by ranking resumes based on their relevance to the job description.
    However, this is a challenge from the applicant’s point of view. When you apply for a job with a resume without knowing how ATS ranks your resume, and your resume is not ranked higher by the ATS, recruiters may not process your resume for further consideration. As they have limited time and they receive hundreds of resumes for a single job posting, if your resume is not on top of their list, they will easily overlook it.
    To increase your chances for your resume to rank higher, you can use the RezRunner suggestions. RezRunner prescreens your resume and identifies skills and aspects that are required in your resume.
  • How RezRunner can help?

  • Before you apply for the job, run your resume through the RezRunner tool and see if your resume passes the ATS and ranks better. Include the hard and soft skills in your resume as suggested by RezRunner and increase your resume match score.
  • What minimum score do you recommend?

  • Any score above 80% is good to increase your chances of passing the ATS screening. Maximum possible match score is 100%.
  • How to improve my score?

  • Follow recommendations on the results page after you run your resume. Add skills suggested by RezRunner in your resume, with recommended frequency. Please make sure the resume makes sense and do not just fill the keywords. Please note that after the ATS screening, human screening too will be there. You must make sure you pass that too. So, take suggestions from the report and use the skills appropriately in the resume with proper sentences.
  • How is my Resume Score calculated?

  • By a combination of frequency of hard skills, soft skills, and qualifications.
    More detailed answer: (You do not have to understand this, however, if you are curious, please go ahead and read!). Each ATS has a slightly different approach, however, they have several common approaches as well. Primarily ATS looks for hard skills and their frequency. Other details such as job title match, education, soft skills, experience etc. are also considered. Other than these some other minute details such as the length of resume, prime keywords to noise ratio etc. are also considered. There are many different ATS; however, the good news is most ATS looks for exact matching skills. If you match for exact skills, variations are already covered, considering all these details and the ranking of resumes is almost similar for each of the ATS. After some experiments, this ranking is calibrated to score between 0 to 100. Though 100% match score is ideal, anything above 80% is fine. The goal here is to be on top part of the list to get interview calls, not to be number one on the list. Please note that we continue to calibrate the algorithm and so the score can be different for the same set of documents over a period.
  • Is there an easy way to add skills to the resume?

  • We understand that sometimes it may not be possible to create a sentence for each skill. So, one approach suggested by several experienced recruiters, and our own observations is to add “Technical skills” subheading and adding major skills under it. This will cover the issue to some extent. Some ATS uses not just the presence of skills, but also the frequency /skill density. It means how many times a specific skill is mentioned in the resume. So, for that, you may have to include the skill in several sentences of the resume. Focus majorly on hard skills and their frequency to rank better.
  • How do you define hard and soft skills?

  • Hard skills are the technical skills that are important for delivering the job. Hard skills could be different for each kind of job. For example, “JAVA Programming” is a hard skill for a Java programmer job; “Immigration law” is a hard skill for Attorney.
    Soft skills are more related to communication skills, leadership skills, team working skills etc. These are very important skills for being successful in a job. However, these are mostly verified during the interview process, starting from the initial recruiter call to final interview with the hiring manager.
  • Which skills are more important among hard and soft skills?

  • Well, both hard and soft skills. However, there are several stages in the process, starting from getting ranked better in ATS, then being picked up for interview by the recruiter. You need to focus on the hard skills first to rank better on ATS, and then concentrate on soft skills. Importance of soft and hard skills also depends on the job level. As the role goes up towards managerial roles, importance of soft skills increases. The match score is adjusted for all these variability, and we keep updating the algorithm behind RezRunner as we gain more and more knowledge of different ATS. However, if the match score is above 80%, the chances of ranking better in ATS is high.
  • Is this service free forever?

  • RezRunner service is currently available for free. However, we are looking for monetizing it, so in a couple of months, we may add some pricing for the service. If you have any suggestions on pricing our product, send them via our feedback form.
  • I see some skills that are not part of skills as per my knowledge that is being shown by your algorithm. What should I do?

  • You have the option of clicking the button next to skill. Hover the mouse around that skill and click on . Upon striking the skills out, click on refresh run button to see the updated score. These deleted skills go into your profile settings. You can change/update these settings under your account in profile settings page.

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