Work Trends to expect in Post-Covid Job Market

By the end of 2020, Covid 19 has already impacted the world in more ways than we could imagine. And while we are all striving to get adjusted to the ‘new normals’ in our personal lives, it’s time to do the same in our professional territory and learn about the dominating work trends of the job market.

Worldwide lockdowns and social isolations have compelled a lot of us to turn our home into home-office. Whereas, several thousand people lost their jobs and even more of them were forced to accept a pay cut. Naturally, the situation is tough to say the least.

In the meantime, the best you can do is to upskill, and stay updated with current work trends to improve your shot of getting hired. Here are the top 6 work trends that we can expect to continue well into the future years.

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Remote working:

2020 has made us discover just how much of work can be done remotely. This year, about 50% of existing workforce has adapted to remote working. Now, it has certain benefits for the employees such as no commute time, getting to stay at home all the time, and working and giving your best from the comfort of your home. However, it’s the employers who have been the real beneficiaries of this system. Letting in remote workers in your team means being able to hire the best talents from around the world, without worrying about the maps and distances.  Moreover, it certainly cuts down on the office maintenance bills, paying for workers’ commute and food (when applicable) etc. Finally, employees are more productive because they are in their comfort zone.

So, remote working is here to stay!

Goal-driven work culture:

Another much-needed work trends that have been adapted by most organizations operating during the pandemic is a result or goal-driven system of work. Remote working and work-from-home systems make it rather difficult to keep a tab on the employees’ activities all the time during the official working hours. Thankfully, recruiters and higher managements were quick to dissolve the old systems and embrace new ones. They are now more interested in judging the value you can add to their organization every day, rather than counting on the number of hours you’re warming the seats in the office.

Showing actual results towards achieving the organizational goal is what they are more interested in. This means better opportunities for smart workers who can balance their work and personal life, and complete their assigned duties in time without worrying about not meeting a certain per-day working hour. This brings us to our next point.

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Better skill recognition:

When an organization adapts to a goal-driven work culture, the chances of skill recognition is automatically improved. Skilled workers can then concentrate on their work at hand rather than office politics. This ultimately benefits both the employees and the employer.

Gig economy:

Covid-19 pandemic has also caused a dramatic decrease in full-time recruitment and an increase in part-time/freelancing recruitment. It is natural that during this period of uncertainty, companies would be a lot more careful while making new recruitments. Being wary of long-term investments on new employees, it makes sense that the organizations hire workers on freelance basis and get the work done.

Again, this is not only profitable for the employers but the employees too. Getting a well-deserved job during this crisis is a lot harder now. Hence, instead of accepting a full-time job offer that doesn’t meet expectations, getting to work on contract basis is actually beneficial for them too. On the one hand, they can keep the income coming and the experiences rising, and on the other hand, they can keep looking for better opportunities.

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These popular work trends, albeit came into prominence during the global pandemic season, are in fact making much-needed changes towards increased productivity for the organizations as well as improved work life for the employees. This is why, it is safe to assume that these good work trends will stay in place in the coming years too.