Top 5 interview questions to prepare in 2021 (related to Covid-19 Pandemic)

With the world shaken by the outbreak of Coronavirus, the job markets got affected in multifold ways. Consequently, even job interview questions for 2021 contain topics relating to the Covid-19 phase. So, nowadays the most common interview questions asked by recruiters help them in analyzing the comfort level of the prospect with the ongoing technology, remote jobs, and the emerging changes and new trends in the job market.

The most important and common interview questions to prepare in 2021 are:

1. How did the pandemic affect your career?

When the entire job scenario changed overnight, how did the candidate keep his/her calm and kept working? With this interview question, the employers mean to judge the analytical and stress-handling capacities of the employee.

While answering this, you can mention about the hardships that you had to face. If you lost your job, mention how you coped up and composed yourself to fight back. If you retained your job but had to accept a pay-cut along with extra responsibilities, mention how you dealt with those changing scenarios. Your answer should reflect a positive attitude that describes how you made the best out of the situation and evolved with the changes. Employers probe this ability to remain productive in times of stress.

2. What lessons did you learn during the pandemic?

The biggest challenge in answering this question is you can’t be bitter! The pandemic might have hit you hard and shown some days that you never imagined you’d see, but the best thing would be to keep those to yourself and focusing on the positives.

Mention things like adjusting to challenging environment, limiting your movements to an indoor world, managing all household chores by yourself, working from home independently, etc.

3. How did you prepare yourself to make a come back into the job market?

Here, you can describe how you invested your time in learning new skills and updated yourself to keep pace with the changing scenarios. If you lost your job, describe the steps that you went through to prepare yourself for new jobs and interviews. If you had to accept a pay-cut or added responsibilities, hence looking for a change of job, let them know how you prepared for that too.

4. How did you cope up with the new normal/work-from-home situation?

Another common interview question in 2021, the employer is interested in knowing the daily routine of the employee and how he/she maintained discipline in following it. With the new normal lifestyle, one tends to miss out on the office culture and take things as per their own pace. This lack of an organized working style is what many employers are worried about.

With the loss of jobs came an era of freelancing and jobs on a contract basis. This ensured monetary income but no stable salaries. This instability in pay-checks every month is the underlying experience which the employer wants you to discuss in brief. So be prepared.

5. How did you make the switch from full-time to freelancing/gig-work?

With no similarity with pre-Covid times, job markets have undergone a dynamic shift in terms of job security and replacements. No employee is irreplaceable and that is exactly how it is going to remain in the coming future. The employer is interested to know how comfortable was the shift from a full-time job to multiple part-time gigs. Did it meet the financial requirements? Did he/she have a hard time juggling with more than one job? 

The employee should answer with a positive outlook and share how managing a contractual job kept him focused on performing well and beat his competition by making his time useful.

These Interview questions are asked to judge various stress-handling parameters of the candidates that the pandemic has caused. While preparing for these common interview questions, It should be ensured that answers are in alignment with the job description applied for to avoid rejections.