Top 10 Sales Interview Questions (with answers) You Must Prepare for Your Next Interview

Want to make a career in sales? Then you must prepare these commonly asked Sales Interview Questions for your next interview.

A career in Sales can be a rewarding opportunity for you if you have the skills for it, such as negotiation skills, patience, and communication skills. But even after having all these great skills and other qualifications, you might be stuck in the interview hurdle.

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When you manage to get an interview call from your desired organization, you should prepare yourself in the best way possible. These top 10 Sales Interview Questions will definitely help you in the process.

In this guide you will find:

  • Top 10 Sales Interview Questions

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Top 10 Sales Interview Questions

Q1. Why do you want to pursue a career in Sales?

This is one of the most commonly asked Sales Interview Questions that you will come across. In fact, this question can be asked by interviewers for any job.

Possible Answer

A career in sales excites me for multiple reasons. My ability to negotiate and convince people, as well as my patience and understanding enables me to become a good employee in Sales. I also enjoy the kind of work that a sales rep is supposed to do, and it makes me immensely happy when I close a deal successfully and contribute to the company’s success.

Q2. How do you react when you fail to make a sale?

Failure is a huge part of a Sales job. More often than not, Sales people are treated badly by the potential customers. Some don’t even entertain their calls and visits. Still, it’s important for Sales persons to not take these personally and stay persistent. These types of Sales Interview Questions are asked by the interviewers to make sure the sales persons are not defeated by failures.

Possible Answer

Failure is a part of the job, and I have faced disappointments many times in my career. It certainly feels bad when I cannot close the deal, but I don’t waste too much time contemplating failures. Instead, I try to learn from my mistakes and move on to the next assignment.

Q3. Tell me about your past performances on meeting targets.

Again, this question is asked by the interviewers to know about your past performances, and to figure out how good a Sales person you are.

Possible Answer

Well, I have consistently met my sales targets for the last 3 years in my previous companies. I wouldn’t say that I haven’t failed a single time in my targets, but the percentage is lower than 10%. In fact, I was awarded the best Sales person of the year in my last organisation.

Q4. How can you use social media for sales?

Social Media is such an enormous phenomenon nowadays that it is impossible to imagine a job where social media is not useful. So, for Sales people too, being aware of, and being able to use Social Media for their job is important.

Possible Answer

I have previously used various types of social media platforms to get help in my job. For example, facebook and LinkedIn are very good platforms to collect information about the prospective customers. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook can also be helpful to promote our product, spread awareness and create a need for our products.

Q5. How will you approach a short sales cycle?

Possible Answer

For a short sales cycle, I focus on building a rapport with my customers immediately, and offer them quick information about the product, so that they can make a fast decision about the purchase.

Q6. How will you approach a long sales cycle?

Possible Answer

For a long sales cycle, I focus on building a trustworthy and dependable image of myself and my product/ brand in the minds of the potential customers. As these types of sales cycle generally require multiple sessions with a potential customer, I try to build a communicative relationship with them and provide answers to all their doubts and queries.

Q7. When do you give up an attempt to sell?

Most of the Sales Interview Questions asked by the interviewers are directly related to the day to day job of a Sales Representative. So, while answering these questions, make sure you tell the interviewer what they want to hear. Be positive and show them your persistent side when the interviewers ask you this question.

Possible Answer

I am quite persistent. I pursue a potential customer until I am absolutely certain that there’s no hope at all. Generally, I attempt multiple times for a single customer before I give up.

Q8. How do you establish a connection with the prospect?

Possible Answer

I try to put myself in the prospect’s shoes. I keep a smile in my face and ask the prospect relevant questions that will help me understand his needs better. I try to establish a connection by building rapport and communicating effectively.

Q9. What are the must-have qualities of a good sales person?

Possible Answer

A good sales rep needs a lot of specific skills and qualities. For example, he must be good in communication, as well as listening skills. He should have an in-depth knowledge about his products and his brand, and also understand the needs of the customers. He should be able to identify the potential buyers to meet his sales target, and he should also be great in time management.

Q10. Sell me this pen.

This is one of the trickiest among all the Sales Interview Questions. The interviewer can ask you to provide a demo of your sales skills. Make sure to practice beforehand well enough, so that you don’t look surprised when you face this question.

So, these were the top 10 Sales Interview Questions for 2019. Prepare them well in advance, and have a great interview experience. Team RezRunner wishes you all the best!

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