Resume mistakes to avoid in 2022


Based on current global job market scenario, getting hired in 2022 is certainly more difficult than getting hired in 2019 or the previous years. And the last thing you want to do in such a situation is sending out a poorly-built resume full of mistakes to your possible recruiters.

That’s why we’ve listed out the 7 most common resume mistakes often committed by jobseekers. Take a look.

Writing a generic resume:

Creating a generic resume and using the same for applying to different jobs without tailoring is one of the most common resume mistakes that a jobseeker must avoid in 2022. When you create and use such a resume without optimizing it for individual job applications, there’s a high chance that your resume is missing lots of important keywords. Absence of keywords will compel the ATS bots to consider your resume to be irrelevant, and your application will never reach the hands of human recruiters.

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Choosing the wrong resume format:

Standard resume formats help us highlight the more important sections of our resume according to our credentials. For example, the reverse-chronological resume format highlights the work experience section of the candidate, so, it is suitable for experienced persons and unsuitable for freshers.

In order to make your resume more relevant and highlight the most important sections of your resume, you should always choose the correct resume format from the three globally-accepted formats available, i.e. the Functional format, the Reverse-chronological format and the Combination format.

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Not including a well-constructed resume summary:

Still confused about Resume Summary and Resume Objective? Let me clear it for you. Resume Summary describes what you’ve done till now, and Resume Objective expresses your future plans.

Not sure about which one to include? Always go with Resume Summary. The recruiters are a lot more interested in knowing about what you’ve already achieved. Resume Objectives have almost become obsolete in the last few years and it will remain so in 2022. On the other hand, resume experts are putting more and more importance on a well-constructed resume summary that presents all the most important information about your career.

So, don’t commit this resume mistake and put more time and efforts in writing a good resume summary.

Missing vital information:

Another big resume mistake to avoid will be to miss out on important information about your career, job details, personal information, or academic records. If you’re including previous work experience, make sure to include company names, the timeline of your associations with them, and a brief description of your roles and responsibilities. Similarly, in case of academic records, you must include the names of the institutions/boards awarding you the degrees/diplomas, and the year of passing. Also, don’t forget to mention your skills/competencies, contact details, and other information that you deem fit.

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Making it too long:

How long should a resume be in 2022? One-Page.

With skyrocketing competition and the decreasing attention span of recruiters, brevity is your best friend. Don’t make the resume mistake of creating a 3-4 page long resume. However, a 2-page resume can still work if you indeed have a lot of information to include.

Not proofreading the resume:

More than two-third of the total number of jobseekers worldwide commit the resume mistake of not proofreading the final document before submitting them.

After you finish typing all the information in the resume, go through the document very carefully. Eliminate all the grammatical and spelling mistakes, any unintentional misinformation, and typographical errors to the best possible extent. Nothing is more off-putting for a recruiter than to experience such errors in a resume.

Not paying attention to the layout and design:

And finally, in order to create a visually attractive resume, you should pay attention to the resume layout and graphics too. Poorly-designed resumes look unappealing. And recruiters don’t want to spend more time with a clustered or clumsy resume. So, don’t commit this resume mistake and make sure to include ample white-space, use colors wisely, and stick to the conventional resume fonts so that it looks professional as well as attractive.