How to prepare for Post COVID Job Market?

2020 is a nightmare for the job market worldwide. With more than 20 million job losses and even more cases of pay cuts, the world is probably slowly moving towards another recession. Things finally started looking brighter in some countries including the USA in the 2nd and 3rd quarter of the year, however, most jobseekers are still far away from feeling safe or secured in the post covid job market.

If you too happen to be an employee who just lost his job this year, or a fresher failing to find suitable work, gear up! The fight is going to be difficult, but if you know exactly which path to follow, you’ll surely emerge victorious at the end.

So, here are some suggestions on how to prepare yourself for the post-covid job market.

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Pursue pending passion projects:

While the world is away sulking in job loss, you can definitely consider starting the side hustle you’ve always wanted to try. Pick up on your creative instincts and start afresh without expecting too much. Who knows, you can just find an alternate, permanent, and much-better-rewarding career for yourself!

Keep building your professional network:

While preparing for the post covid job market, building your professional network is an important step. Thanks to social networking sites like LinkedIn, creating your professional network has never been easier. Having a diversified network helps in switching industries, job roles and finding the perfect match where one can fit in such a scenario. It is easier to get a job with the help of your professional network than to go through the process of traditional application.

Try out gig works:

Full-time recruitment after COVID is a distant affair. The job scenarios have shifted the mindset to an entrepreneurial one where most people are willing to hire employees on contract or temporary basis. Therefore, one should be flexible to shift from one contract to the other and manage parallel work at the same time. With enhancement of reputation one will get more gigs in future.

Improve your online presence:

Today in the age of LinkedIn, along with an efficient job profile one also needs to demonstrate their acquired efficiencies in the online space. A professional network is created in this domain where the more visible one has a higher chance of getting that desired job/role. Participating in online communities also increases the scope of presence and usage of Search Engine Optimization techniques help a great deal to stand out and help potential employees to be found.

Update your resume:

Finally, no amount of preparation for the post covid job market is complete if you don’t update your resume. Irrespective of the career stage you’re in right now, it is necessary to keep the resume up to date to be prepared for any better opportunity that may come. And merely adding up a few recent details won’t help you much. Rather, optimize your resume in the most effective way so that it can cross the ATS barriers and rank better in ATS systems. That will increase the chances of your resume actually reaching the hands of the recruiter, instead of ending up in the trash can. A well-built resume will also improve your chances of getting interview calls.

The world never stops for anything. Therefore, look forward to changed realities and adjust your goals accordingly. Prioritize all future plans with adherence to such crisis but be patient. It is this determination and open to change mentality that makes one an achiever in life.