Interview Skills that will help you get the Job

Interviews are tricky. There are so many things to an interview than just answering a few questions. To crack an interview, one needs to have as much knowledge about Interview Skills as technical knowledge. If you are searching for interview tips that will practically help you get hired, you are in the right place.

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In this guide, you will find:

  • Interview Skills for getting hired
  1. Interview Preparations
  2. Presentability
  3. Attitude and Body Language
  4. Punctuality
  5. Accepting Ignorance
  6. Confidence
  7. Communication
  8. Positivity
  9. Showing Interest
  10. Ending it right

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Interview Preparations

Before you enter the interview room and apply the other interview skills, you need to follow the most important interview tip ever, i.e. Preparations. You cannot cut back on hard work if you really want to get your dream job. So, make sure you follow the interview preparation steps each time before going for an interview.

Interview Preparations should include:

  • Revising your study-related topics/ Technical Knowledge
  • Preparing for general and tricky questions (not related to technical knowledge)
  • Knowing about the Company and its Background, Work Culture etc.
  • Gathering information about the Interviewers (from Company Websites, LinkedIn Profiles etc.) as much as possible.


The next important Interview Tip will be to dress the part. Before leaving for the interview, take a good look into the mirror and make sure you have put on the right attire, groomed well, and look like just the person you want to be professionally. Lastly, don’t forget to put on a confident and amiable smile on your lips.

Attitude and Body Language

Your interview starts right when you walk in through the office door. So, maintain a professional attitude from the beginning, when you are waiting in the lobby for your turn.

Another important interview tip for you is patience. You might have to wait for your turn for longer than you expected, but don’t resort to showing your irritation or anxiety. Instead, maintain a professional attitude and wait patiently.

Also, don’t use your smartphone too much, don’t slouch, don’t yawn and try not to look bored and uninterested.

When you are inside the interview room, there too, adopt a polite and humble attitude. Greet your interviewers with a firm handshake, and ask for permission before taking a seat. Sit straight, and maintain eye contact.


One of the most important interview skills for you is to learn how to be punctual. Your interviewers wouldn’t appreciate waiting, and chances are, they will also think of you as rude.

Always plan your journey well ahead, and start with an ample amount of time in hand. If possible, try to reach the spot 5 minutes before the scheduled time, but not 5 minutes after. If, however, you are too early for the interview, wait outside, rather than going straight in.

Accept ignorance

Inside the interview room, when the Q and A session is in progress, there might be occasions when you are thrown off the track, and you cannot help but feeling a little lost.

When you don’t know what to say, gracefully accept the fact and apologize for your ignorance. Instead of talking gibberish, and trying to fill up the silence with the “umm…”s and “it’s basically…”s, save both parties some time and let them know you give up on that particular question. Excuse yourself with a smile and move on!


You have probably heard the phrase ‘Confidence is key’ many times before. In an interview situation, this is one of the best interview tips for you.

Confidence is not something that you can rehearse or act upon. Rather, it’s an inside feeling. Though sufficient amount of interview preparations can help you boost your confidence, it still depends on your psyche.

When you believe from within that you are the right fit for the job, you will automatically feel confident. Whereas, if you have any self-doubt, no amount of interview preparations and interview tips will be able to help you. In such cases, maybe you should look out for something else.

That being said, when you are well-dressed and well-prepared, it will be easier for you to tell yourself that you deserve this job. Keep that in mind and leave all your insecurities and nervousness outside the interview building, and walk-in with self-belief.


If communication skill is not your strong point, it’s time to work on that. Effective communication is very important for making a good impression in interviews.

Active listening and participating, both are important in an interview. Make sure you listen to the interviewer’s questions carefully and answer accordingly. Also, start talking only when he is finished. Do not interrupt the interviewer in the middle.

Maintain a pleasant but strong voice. Also, don’t be too loud or too faint.

Pay attention to your diction too. Formal and grammatically correct language is preferable in the interviews. Keep your answers concise and stick to the point. Do not digress, exaggerate, or drag an answer too much.


Another great interview skill to acquire and hold on to is Positivity. A positive person spreads positivity and creates a positive impression. Interviewers will always prefer an optimistic person than a bitter and cynical one.

You might have had a lot of reasons to be upset about in your last job, but your new recruiters don’t need to know them. If things haven’t worked out for you in the past, leave them in the past, and look into the future as a bright sunny person. This optimism towards life will reflect on your attitude, and your interview will bring to another step closer to your dream job.

Showing Interest

At times when you are not actually getting calls from your desired companies and jobs, and you have to attend an interview because there are no better offers, the fact can reflect upon your attitude and body language. Acting interested is one of the most desirable interview skills to have.

When you have to interview for a position you are not much excited about, you might end up acting casual and uninterested. Recruiters can read those signs and opt-out from hiring you.

Well, if you are attending an interview for a less-than-desirable profile, you must have some solid reasons behind that, isn’t it? So, remind yourself of those reasons, and act interested, even if you are not. Let the recruiters think that this is absolutely a great opportunity for you, and you are eager to get the job. Only then, you will be considered for appointment.

Ending it right

Ending the interview on the right note is also a very important interview tip for you. When the interview is over, thank the recruiters for their time, and bid goodbye with a smile on your face. After reaching home, don’t forget to follow-up with an email, expressing your gratitude for this opportunity.

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