Top 10 HR Interview Questions (& answers) to prepare for your next Interview

looking for a career in HR? Here are the top 10 HR interview questions and answers to prepare for your next interview.

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In this guide you will find:

  • Top 10 HR interview questions and answers

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Top 10 HR Interview Questions and Answers

HR interview questions are tricky. You need to apply some presence of mind and intellect while answering them. Memorizing the answers won’t help much. But nonetheless, from the possible answers, you can get an idea about how to answer these questions.

Q1. Why do you want to leave your current job?

This is a very important HR interview question that is asked in almost every HR Executive interview. Explaining the reasons for leaving your current job can be tricky, specially if you have some real bad reasons for your acquittal, like: you had a conflict with the management, or things like that.

In this case, honesty is not the best policy. Instead, you will need to adopt a diplomatic visage. Here are some valid and acceptable reasons to give your future employers as a reason for quitting your old job.

Possible Answers

  • I feel I am prepared for a more responsible and senior position now.
  • I am looking for a change in my career path.
  • The company management style is changed and now their vision and mission no longer matches with mine.
  • I am relocating to another city/ country.
  • The company was downsizing and so a lot of competent employees were let go, including me.

Q2. Describe your management style that you applied in your last job.

Again, you have to balance the see-saw in the middle here. You don’t want to sound too domineering, yet not indifferent too. Your actual answer can vary depending on your personal preferences, but finding the right balance and showing your adaptability is important.

Possible Answer

I try to be a good manager by directing employees on how to achieve a common goal, but offer them independence on how to achieve that goal. I don’t interfere in the day to day jobs and responsibilities of the employees, but I stay alert and ensure everything goes smoothly, and I keep myself ready for any emergency situation that might arise when I need to take quick and effective action.

Q3. What are the HR software that you commonly use?

The different types of HR Softwares are:

  • Human Resource Management Software
  • Human Capital Management
  • Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Payroll Software, etc.

Mention a few from each category, based on your preferences.

Q4. How do you make sure the onboarding process goes smoothly?

Possible Answer

I follow a few steps in the onboarding process to make sure everything goes smoothly, and ensure that the new recruits can have a positive, welcoming experience. These steps are:

  • Getting the new employee’s cubicle/ desk ready and organized
  • Making introductory sessions with the new and old employees
  • Arranging lunches for making the new recruits feel comfortable, and getting them acquainted with other colleagues
  • Offering inductions and trainings for the new recruits
  • Following up to know if they are having any problems

Q5. How do you handle conflicts?

The best way to answer this question is to provide a real-life example, possibly true. You can describe a time when you had to face a conflict professionally, and you managed to get out of it.

Possible Answer

“Well, when people work in a team, it’s natural that they will have differences of opinions from time to time. These differences of opinions can turn into conflict if not acted upon quickly. I also had to face such conflicts on multiple occasions. I try to keep my patience and remain calm in such situations, and explain my point of view to the other person in a strong but polite manner. By discussing the matter logically, or seeking help from our seniors, we try to eliminate our differences and try to agree on a singular decision.”

Q6. How do you handle an unethical situation?

Possible Answer

I have a strong sense of morality, and I am dedicated to my work with 100% honesty. I cannot tolerate unethical situations. I am compelled to take stern actions when I come to know of any unethical practices going on. If it is not in my control to eliminate/ take action against the unethical practice, I inform the senior level managers of the same.

Q7. How do you react to criticisms?

This is one of the most popular HR interview questions for employees who want to work as an HR executive. There is no single way of answering this question, but there are a few points that you can mention to make a good impression.

Possible Answer

Criticisms are a part of any job. Constructive criticisms are a way of improving ourselves. When I face any criticisms for my work, first I try to judge whether their evaluation is true or not. If possible, I seek my colleagues’ and seniors’ opinions too. If the criticism is indeed valid, I try my best to figure out a solution, and try to improve the situation.

Q8. How do you resolve an employee’s complain step-by-step?

Possible Answer

First, I fix a meeting with the employee to hear the details of his/ her complaint. Then we try to agree on the validity on the complaint- whether it is possible for us to solve it or not. Then again, if agreed upon, we try to seek a solution, and if need be, I inform the higher authorities about the same, and conduct the meetings between the employee and the higher authorities. Finally, when we believe we have solved the problem and taken every possible step from our side, I arrange for a follow-up meeting to inquire about whether the employee is satisfied with the solution or not.

Q9. Are you a team player, or prefer to function independently?

This is another of the HR interview questions that have no single right answer. You should answer the question in a way that the employer believes that you can function in both ways.

Possible Answer

I like to work in a team, sharing ideas and responsibilities. However, I am capable of working independently too.

Q10. Why did you choose this profession?

This is not only one of the classic HR interview questions, but an all-time favorite interview question for any job. You can mention how your natural abilities to lead and manage, resolve conflicts and the ability to communicate effectively enables you to be a good HR Executive. Besides, the roles and responsibilities of this job attract you, and your skills and qualifications perfectly align with this job. So, it was a natural choice for you as a career option.

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We are sure these HR interview questions and answers will help in your next interview! Team RezRunner wishes you all the best.