Effectively using “RezBooster” to improve chances of getting interview calls.


What is RezBooster?

Rezbooster is a feature in the Resume Optimization Tool RezRunner. By using this, you can optimize your resume quickly and effectively to get more interview calls. Go ahead and use the RezBooster feature 

How do I use RezBooster?

Here are the steps to use RezBooster and improve your Resume Match Score quickly.

Once you paste Job Description and Resume, Click on the run button to get to your Resume Editing screen

Step 1: Remove skills

On the left hand side panel which has Missing hard skills, Missing soft skills and matching skills. Scroll up and down to check if any redundant and unnecessary skills are shown.

Press the trash can button for each of the skills that you want to exclude

Step 2: Once you strike off all unnecessary skills, press the Refresh button.  This will improve your score a little bit, however, the main objective here is to keep relevant skills only. In the next step 3, we will see how to improve the score using RezBooster.

Missing Hard Skills

Step 3: Click on RezBooster button. It will populate all hard and soft skills required for the job as per ATS requirement.

Step 4: Click on copy skills button. This will copy all these Hard and Soft skills.

resume match score

Step 5: Updating these in the resume.

Right click on the resume editing place, preferably on the section after the resume objective or resume summary, and click on paste. This step will place all the skills here.

Paste Resume with Job Description

Step 6.Using the skills identified in the resume. This is very important step. Read carefully.

You need to take care of a couple of things here.

Some ATS just look for presence of skills, some look for frequency and some even look for location where the skill is mentioned and estimate the years of experience. On top of this, your goal is not just beating ATS but also impress the human recruiter.

Now that you have the skills at one place, organize them effectively. By

  1. Taking appropriate skills and making sentences out of them and include in your experience so that that specific skill is covered for years of experience.
  2. Keep only those skills that can be shown as a list under hard skill. Use other skills in other parts of resume such as summary or experience or any other locations.
  3. If you already have a skills section in your resume, include the additional skills from this list.
  4. You may keep Some skills in the list form and in the sentence form, so that this covers the frequency of the skill.

For example, check below the list of skills. 

The blue underlined ones are not hard skills, and you should use them as sentences either in resume summary or under sentences in an experience.

Yellow colored ones are industry related terms, and you may use them in resume summary or any where in resume.

The red colored ones are purely technical skills, these should go both as list and under experience to cover for number of years of experience and for frequency.

ReRun your resume

Once you complete the process. Now click on the ReRun button. The resume score will increase,

Find Match Score of your Resume

if the score is not above 80 %, check the partially missing skills and use them to match the frequency. Update resume untill you get score above 80% , however, keep it below 95%.

Why should not I make the match score beyond 95%?

In an ideal world if you get 100% score that would be best. However, that also can potentially raise eye brows. The goal is to make it to the top list, but not end up getting suspicion on resume. You have to make sure your resume does not look overly optimized or deliberately optimized. So keeping below 95% will help avoid that situation.

skills section

Other details to consider:

Education Match: Make sure you have all qualifications required for the job and they are presented the way they were asked. For Example, if job description asks for MBA, then you should mention MBA only.

Wrong way:

M.B.A or Master of Business Administration.

Right way 1:


Right way 2:

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Regarding Job Title Match: If the job description is looking for Java Developer and you previously worked as Java Programmer. It is okay to mention like below.

Java Developer /Java Programmer.

Please note: we are not suggesting you to wrongly mention your role in your resume. However, if you believe both are the same, mentioning as in above example will make both ATS and recruiter’s job easy to find your resume. Also, your resume will be given higher points by ATS and it will rank much higher for that specific role.

Hope this helps.  All the best in your search.

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