Tips to Create a Remarkable Digital Marketing Resume

digital marketing resume tips

Getting a digital marketing job requires you to have good knowledge in that area and completing a course in digital marketing really helps. As a step towards getting digital marketing resume. You should have a remarkable digital marketing resume.

Because a Resume is your first representation to any prospective employer. Creating an excellent impression is therefore most important when you submit a Resume for a digital marketing job.

Tips for Remarkable Digital Marketing Resume

By following these simple tips, you can create a remarkable digital marketing Resume. However, it’s not as easy as you may falsely believe. Therefore, I recommend you comprehend each tip carefully before getting down to writing your Resume.

Understand Difference Between CV, Resume & Bio-Data

This is the first and most important tip to create a remarkable digital marketing Resume. And this is also the most common blunder most job applicants commit. They don’t realize that Curriculum Vitae (CV), Resume and Bio-Data are three different documents.

Hence, most job seekers send the wrong document to a prospective employer. This reduces your chances of getting the job. Therefore, as the first to I recommend you fully comprehend the difference between a CV, Resume and Bio-Data and write them in the different formats before you start looking for digital marketing jobs. And send the right document while applying.

Run Your Resume Against Job Description to Get Suggestions

If your goal is to find resume skills for a specific job role that you are applying for, you can right away use RezRunner and compare your resume against any job description. Alternatively, you can see RezRunner sample tour to check how it helps find skills so that you can optimize your resume.

Highlight Your Interest & Training in Digital Marketing

Your educational qualifications come first on a proper Resume. And an excellent Resume is written in third person. This provides you an excellent opportunity to highlight your interest in digital marketing, certifications. A Resume is written in the chronological order. This means, you’ll begin by highlighting the school where you began education as child.

Highlight your interest in the Internet and its workings while writing about your education. And while writing about the digital marketing course, explain in detail the reasons for doing this course and the skills you know. Focus on digital marketing and your interest in IT while writing about education on your Resume.

Internship & Work Experience

The second part of a remarkable digital marketing Resume should begin with the free or paid internship you took after completion of your course. Usually, an excellent digital marketing academy will offer you an internship with a placement partner upon completion of your course. Highlight every skill you could acquire and fine-tune during the internship.

Remember, the tip here is to start writing your digital marketing Resume with the skill where you have highest proficiency. As mentioned earlier, digital marketing is a collection of processes. Therefore, it’s not humanly possible to specialize in every skill. Hence, write about the skills that you can perform with most efficiency with proper reasons.And make sure you prepare for digital marketing interview questions as well.

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International Certifications

An excellent digital marketing academy will equip you with adequate skills to acquire international certifications. Usually, these international certifications are from Internet giants including Google, Microsoft Bing, Facebook, and other very reputed organizations. You’ll have to pass their online exams to get these certifications.

Here you have two choices: You can mention you hold these international certifications either in your educational qualifications section of your Resume. Or you can mention them in your Internship & Work Experience section. The choice is yours. Remember, there’re as many as 12 international certifications you can get, a comprehensive course in digital marketing is one such example that helps to get these

Include Details of Own Blog/ Website

Usually, a great digital marketing academy will provide you with own paid website as part of the package. And you have to post own content and promote this website using various online and offline resources, social media, YouTube and other processes. Obviously, you’ll exert extra efforts to ensure your personal website ranks as high as possible.

Write about your personal blog or website on the Resume. And mention its rankings. This indicates two things to a future employer. It indicates your personal interest in digital marketing and that you’re practicing digital marketing training skills on your own website. And secondly, your personal interest in a specific topic that your own blog speaks about.

Content Writing Skills

Content writing is an integral and a very important part of any digital marketing course. That’s because content writing requires own creativity, writing and expression skills as well as proper search for topics for your blog. Therefore, clearly mention your content writing skills too in the experience section of your Resume.

You can display you content writing skills by showing some of the articles you post on your own blog and the number of readers they attract. To create a remarkable digital marketing Resume, adding content writing as your skill is very important. Because content creation isn’t everyone’s forte. But with content writing or content creation on your Resume you stand better chance of bagging the job.

Make sure you work on your communication skills as well.

In Conclusion

And finally, I would suggest you include some excellent references such as faculty members where you did a digital marketing course. You can also network with other digital marketers on LinkedIn and mention that to create a remarkable digital marketing Resume.

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