Top Data Analyst Resume Keywords and Skills for Your Resume

A data analyst analyzes and interprets data. They convert those data to useful information related to improving business. Thus, the data analyst’s job is very crucial in the policy-making and decision-making level of an organization or business.

If you are looking for Data Scientist Resume skills here. Data Scientist and Data Analyst are two different roles. Depending on level of proficiency expected in different tools and knowledge in different areas.

Such a critical job needs a lot of special hard and soft skills. And if you already have them, you are one step ahead!

But, unfortunately, merely possessing the skills are not enough these days. You need to use them as Data Analyst Resume Keywords. Otherwise, you will not even get the chance to impress the recruiters with your competence. We’ll tell you why.

In this guide you will find:

  • Importance of Data Analyst Resume Keywords
  • Data Analyst Resume Keywords
  • How to extract Data Analyst Resume Keywords from Job Description
  • Best Data Analyst Resume Skills for Resume Optimization
  • How to Optimize Resume by Using Data Analyst Resume Skills
  • Data Analyst Resume Examples

Importance of Data Analyst Resume Keywords

Most recruiters nowadays use the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for the recruitment process. One of the main jobs of ATS is to scan and parse resume. It does that based on the presence and frequency of relevant keywords in a resume.

If your resume has relevant Data Analyst Resume Keywords that match the job description, only then ATS will pass your resume to the next level.

If your goal is to find resume skills for a specific job role that you are applying for, you can right away use RezRunner and compare your resume against any job description. Or, you can see RezRunner sample tour to check how it helps find skills so that you can optimize your resume.

Run Your Resume Against Job Description to Get Suggestions

Data Analyst Resume Keywords

Though the title “Data Analyst” is one, it means many depending on the company that is hiring and what they expect out of data analyst. The only common thing is “Data Analysis”. It can be in financial industry, retail industry, media industry or any industry.

As far as tool are concerned, the common tool is advanced Mircosoft Excel. After this, there could be several tools including SQL programming, Tableau, or tools specific to industry or company.

Having industry knowledge and industry terminology is also important to data analyst, which can help understand the data.

There are variety of skills expected we suggest you run your Job Description through RezRunner, to see what skill are needed. With this tool, we got a complete list of Hard Skills and Soft Skills. Any and all of them can be used as Data Analyst Resume Keywords.

Even the job titles of data analyst come in forms for example:

  • SQL Data Analyst
  • Marketing Data Analyst
  • Financial Data Analyst
  • Business Data Analyst
  • Data Quality Analyst
  • Data Insights Analyst etc

Data Analyst Resume Keywords: HARD SKILLS

Data Extraction, Data Collection, Data Cleaning, Data Processing, Interpreting Data, Streamlining Data, Data Analysis using Excel , Statistics to some extent, Experience in visualizing data either by excel or using tools such as Tableau. Relational Database knowledge, Ability to combine multiple tables. In some cases job expects programming languages such as SQL, R, Python.

Data Analyst Resume Keywords: SOFT SKILLS

Management, Communication Skills, Written Communication, Problem-Solving, Communication, Collaborate, Communication, Problem-Solving, Research, High Quality, Integrity, Communication Skills, Organization, Critical Thinking, Passion, Collaborate, Presentation, Excellent Communication, Presentation Skills

How to Extract Data Analyst Resume Keywords from Job Description

With RezRunner, extracting Data Analyst Resume Keywords is as easy as it can get. All you have to do is-

  1. Copy the job description and paste in the “Job Description” Box
  2. Copy your current Resume and paste it in the “Resume” box
  3. Click on “Run”
  4. See the shortcomings of your resume in the results
  5. Click on RezBooster to get a complete list of missing Hard Skills and Soft Skills for using as your Hospitality Resume Keywords
  6. If you want to know how to use RezBooster read
    Guide to using RezBooster

That’s how you can improve your resume and optimize for ATS. Using enough Data Analyst Resume Skills and Data Analyst Resume Keywords will help you in ranking better by ATS. That in turn will increase your chances of getting an interview, and possibly a job of your dreams.

Best Data Analyst Resume Skills for Resume Optimization

According to recent trends, the best Data Analyst Resume Skills that you must acquire and include in your resume are:

  • Hard Skills including: SQL, MS Excel, R or Python, Machine Learning etc.
  • Soft Skills including: Data Management, Analytical Skills, Creativity, Productivity, Teamwork, Presentation Skills etc.

How to Optimize Resume by Using Data Analyst Resume Skills

Optimizing your resume by using Data Analyst Resume Skills is easy. You can include the Data Analyst Resume Keywords in any section of your resume including: Resume Summary, Resume Objective, Skills Section, Achievement Section and others.

Data Analyst Resume Examples:

Here are some resume examples to make things easier for you:

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