8 Customer Service (BPO) Resume Skills That Makes You Better Than The Others

Customer Service Representative, Call Center, or BPO, the job of a voice-process employee is about the same in terms of duties and responsibilities. Competitions are high in this job. Also, It can sometimes be a very stressful job. That’s why only the best candidates get hired in the desirable profiles. These top employees get the chance to excel in their careers.

In this guide you will find:

  • How to become better than other and why it is needed?
  • 8 Customer Service Resume Skills for Optimizing Your Resume
  • Customer Service Resume Keywords to include in your Customer Service Representative Resume
  • How to Extract Customer Service Resume Keywords from Job Description and Use then in Your Resume
  • Customer service / BPO sample resumes

How to become better than the others?

So, what makes you different from the others? Of course, your competence as a worker. But, there’s a catch.

Even if you are a great employee, chances are, you might end up being lost in a pile of unprocessed resumes. That’s why you need a really good, and properly optimized resume. Including relevant Customer Service Skills in your resume, and using proper Customer Service Resume Keywords will help you in optimizing your resume for better opportunities.

Reasons for optimizing your resume:

Most companies use Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in their hiring process. One of it’s primary jobs is to scan and parse resumes. If you don’t use enough and relevant keywords, ATS will reject your resume. And no matter how good the rest of your resume is, it will not be reviewed.

ATS ranks your resume based on the presence of Customer Service Resume Keywords present in your resume.

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Run Your Resume Against Job Description to Get Suggestions

8 Customer Service Resume Skills for Optimizing Your Resume

A Customer Service Representative needs a lot of good qualities. But the top 8 Skills listed here makes them better than the others.

  • Communication: The whole job is depending on communication. So, good communication skill is unnegotiable for Customer Service Resume Skills.
  • Self-control: Call center employees often has to face less-than-desirable situations. In such cases, even if the customer loses their calm, the Customer Service should not. Self-control is the key skill in this job.
  • Persuasion: When selling a product/ service, the employee needs persuasion power. The customers will always say NO. They have to convert it to YES. This is one of the best Customer Service Resume Skills to have and include in your resume.
  • Patience: Another important Customer Service Resume Skill. Patience is a must.
  • Time-Management: A Customer Service Representative has to effectively deal with the customers within a few minutes only. Time-Management is a must for Customer Service Resume Skills.
  • Knowledge about the product/ service: Another important reminder. If you don’t know your product well enough, you cannot help the customers.
  • Focus on the goal: Keeping in mind the goal of the interaction (selling a product/ solving a problem) will help to achieve it. This job is extremely goal-oriented.
  • Professional: Again, even when a customer becomes aggressive/ offensive towards the employee, the Customer Service Representative must maintain a professional attitude. They must not return the aggression.

All these skills can also be used as Customer Service Resume Keywords.

Customer Service Resume Keywords to include in your Resume

According to recent trends, the most common Customer Service Resume Keywords are:

Accounts, Inquiries, Feedback, Customer Satisfaction, Sales Leads, Customer Interactions, CSRS, Customer Service Representatives, Responding, Sales Targets, Customer Orientation, Client Service, Manage Large, Service Standards, Customer Feedback, ACT, CSR, Customer-Oriented, Questions, Customer Service, Communication, Customer Support, Empathetic, Excellent Communication, Communicative, Problem-Solving, Listening, Confident, Troubleshooting, Patient, Presentation, Multi-Task, Track Record, Presentation Skills

Use these as Customer Service Resume Keywords in your next resume for better optimization of the same.

Extracting Customer Service Resume Keywords from Job Description

Customer Service Resume Keywords can vary ever so slightly from one job posting to another. So it is better that whenever you are applying for a new job, go through the job description each time. Then, Extract relevant keywords to include them in your resume.

RezRunner helps you in extracting Keywords. Check out how it works.

Customer Service/BPO sample resumes

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