Cover Letter Analysis – Check list | Mistakes to avoid | Tips

Analyze your Resume Cover Letter

Analyze your Resume cover letter to be sure that it is flawless and up to the mark. After all it is going to mark the first impression of your resume. Presentation is the first thing that catches a reader’s attention. Therefore, You should analyze it first before sending it out so that it is up to the mark.

Remember, if you will devote ample time to organize your cover letter, your hiring manager would pay more attention in reading your resume.

Here is the check list on how you can proceed with analyzing your resume:

Check if it is easy-to-read?

Ones you have made it presentable and appealing, you have to make sure that is legible enough. Use professional fonts and font size to write your cover letter. As the reader sees the cover letter, he should see the paragraphs well separated with proper paragraph and line spacing. People usually forget to check the line spacing, paragraph spacing, and margin proportion. Make it neatly bordered to have a finished appearance.

Keep it short

Your cover letter is expected to be descriptive and short at the same time. So it gets a bit complicated while deciding on the length and number of words of the cover letter. It should compile the job seeker’s intention and the recruiter’s expectations as well. During this process stake care of providing the apt illustration of your resume.

Keep it error-free

The cover letter is a short one-page document which cannot have the minor mistakes like a grammatical or spelling error. Use the best grammar checking apps like Grammarly to proofread and check the grammar of your cover letter before you make a final move.

Check the tone of your cover letter

Once you have checked for the major and minor errors, you can have a quick analytical reading to watch out the tone of the cover letter. The letter should be well written in the business language and not in the casual tone.  You should also make sure whether the information you mentioned is relevant to your position or not.

While analyzing your cover letter, ask a few questions to self and check if you have answered them in your letter, as if you were the recruiter.

  • Why is the applicant applying for the job?
  • How does the applicant fit the position?
  • Check if the applicant has provided the necessaryexamples to support the facts.

Mistakes to avoid while writing an effective Cover Letter 

If the hiring manager in the organizations dealing with a handful of resumes he might look carefully into some of the cover letters and think twice before they make a green signal. 45% of the recruiters would probably throw out your resume if it is not customized. And the rest 65% will throw out if it has a lot of errors. So avoiding all major and minor mistakes is important.

1) Focusing too much on you and your achievements.

It is always advised not to blabber about yourself in the cover letter. The company you are applying for is looking for someone who can do things for them. That means they are eager to know what things you can do for them. So focus on things they want to know about you not what you want to tell them.

2) Do not share each and every single detail about your past experiences.

While you have umpteen of commendable experiences to flaunt, do not mention them all. Ask yourself whether the experiences are relevant to the job or not. Design your cover letter in such a way that it speaks about your relevant skills instead of writing a full story.

3) Don’t mention anything that becomes a red flag.

Avoid mentioning things that show your recent struggle with the profession. Don’t talk about why you were fired from the previous job or why did you recently relocated to the new city. The application should primarily focus on the present rather than highlighting past.

4) Don’t stretch it too long

Don’t unnecessarily make your cover letter too long. Try to it keep as short and concise as you can. Maybe a half page long or less.

5) Don’t vomit out your resume

Your resume and cover letter are two different things. Do not elaborate and write the things that you have already mentioned in your cover letter.

6) Avoid making cliché statements

People often use statements like “I feel I am fit for the job…” or “I would like to apply for a job at…” avoid trite statements and support your statement with more powerful words and examples.

7) Don’t talk too much about the company

Showing that you are a super fan of the company is not okay. You can surely write how eager you are to join this particular company but don’t make it too much longer.

8) Typo errors

This is the commonest mistake that most of you might do. The reason is when we have to send the cover letters and resume too so many organizations, we might make a mistake. Therefore always check whether you have addressed the cover letter to the right person.

Summary of cover letter writing tips to boost your interview chances

Now that you know all the ifs and buts of writing an amazing cover letter, let’s have a quick glance on the cover letter writing tips that would actually boost up your interview chances.

Successful Cover Letter Writing Tips info graphic
  • Don’t repeat the things that you have already mentioned in your resume.
  • Think about what you can do for the company and then write
  • Add a catchy headline to your cover letter.
  • Clearly, mention what skills of yours are beneficial for the company.
  • Don’t brief too much about your education. Rather focus on relevant experiences.
  • Don’t feel sorry about the skills you don’t have.
  • Tell the real picture of you in a storytelling way.
  • Consider relevant testimonials like important feedbacks by your previous managers.
  • Don’t be over formal. Keep the tone in a formally informal way.
  • Use an appealing template or a cover letter format.
  • Get it checked with someone is good with English grammar and resume cover letter making.

Now that you are all set to make a flawless cover letter for your job, don’t waste your time. Go and make your startling first impression.  

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