Best Cover letter Format and styling tips with Example

A cover letter is like the backbone of your resume. Your resume stands straight when you have a cover letter attached to it. If it fails to impress the hiring manager, your resume will be in danger too. But if your letter becomes a game changer, then it is surely going to take over the hiring manager’s decision. For writing the best cover letterfor job application formats and styling is important. Let us discuss the cover letter formats and styling.

What is the best Format for writing a Cover Letter?

Cover letter writing includes various factors such as page margins, font type,and font size, line, paragraph and section spacing, and document type. It is obviousthat a letter without the correct spacing between paragraphs, or with too much text on the page is going to look bad and disturbing.

The standard format of the resume cover letter that is acceptable across all the organizations goes like this-

Your Contact Information
City, State Zip Code
Phone Number
Email Address


Employer Contact Information
City, State Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name,

The body of the cover letter

Body of the cover letter briefs about the intentions of the applicant. For instance- why the applicant is applying for the particular position, why should the recruiter select him to interview further, Why he needs the job, etc. the information can be specifically divided into three paragraphs for easy understanding.

1st paragraph- This paragraph should mention information like why are you writing the cover letter or for what position you are applying for via this cover letter and resume.

2nd paragraph- In this paragraph you have to mention that how are you fit for the company? What are your qualifications that match the profession you are applying for?

3rd paragraph- Iin this paragraph you have to conclude by thanking the recruiter for choosing you for the position or interview. You can even mention how you are going to followup further.

Complimentary closure

(Respectfully, sincerely, faithfully, etc.)
You can end the cover letter with your signature. A handmade signature for the hard copy and a typed signature for a soft copy.

Best used Cover Letter Fonts, Margins & Paper

One of the most confusing questions that we often come across is which is the best font to use in the cover letter? Which font will make the best impression? It may seem to be very easy, but it is not. You must be very attentive while choosing the font and font size of your professional cover letter. Cover letter should be easily readable and legible.

Before your cover letter goes to the recruiter it has to pass through the Application Tracking System (ATS). Your fonts should be compulsorily ATS friendly because it checks the resume and cover letter completely and crawls the font that you have used. As far as ats screening is concerned the rules remain same as that of resume.

Moreover, the hiring manager also has dozens of resume and cover letters to come across. In such a case if your font style isn’t appropriate, he might skip your resume and won’t care to read your cover letter. So, think twice before you decide the right font.

Clearly, your font size should be bigger enough so that it could be easily read by everyone. But at the same time, it should n’t be so big to not fit in one page. You have to anyhow wrap up your cover letter in just one page.

What are the best fonts to use in the cover letter?

Ideally, the font of your cover letter should be similar to that of your resume. However, we have a few of the fonts that are professionally accepted in all the professional documents. Some of these fonts are Times New Roman, Cambria, Arial, Courier New, Verdana, and Garamond.

best used fonts for cover letter

Avoid using novelty fonts like Comic Sans, handwriting, or script-style fonts. They look very unprofessional and create disturbance in clear understanding. You have to make your words and cover letter stand out not your fonts. Therefore being the part of the rat race is accepted here. Do not try to opt for something unique while choosing the font style.

What should be the best font size of the cover letter?  

While you address the professional cover letter always keep your font size in between 9 points to 12 points. Most standard font size is accepted to be 12 points.

Try to format your cover letter to fit in one page. Take care of the margin that it shouldn’t be larger than 1” and smaller than 7”.

At the starting of your cover letter, while writing your full name and other contact information you may choose the font size to be slightly bigger. As it is the heading of your cover letter it can shout loud on the page. You can increase the font size by 14 points or 16 points.

Usage of Bullet points to skyrocketing your Cover Letter Format

While the hiring manager is going through your resume, he might just have 5 to 6 seconds to decide whether it is a “Yes” for you or a “No”. So why not make it worth reading for the recruiter or making it even more convincing? How?

There is a way you can instantly make the reader understand your resume cover letter with just one go. It is the “Bullets”. You can use the Bullet writing style to format your resume in order to make it even more attention-grabbing and a quick read.

But, how to include Bullet points while writing cover letter for job application?

You can start your resume cover letter in the same way with an introductory paragraph that explains, why are you writing the letter. Moving on further when you write experiences or qualifications, bullet each of the qualification. But remember, each bullet should mention a concise statement or a phrase that begins with an action word. This is the standard formatting, or you can say the layout of writing.

You can make use of bullets in specifically in the 2nd paragraph of your sample cover letter as it will focus more on your skills, achievements,and experiences. You can write all your important skills in your cover letter for job highlighting them with the bullet points. But stick to the relevancy. Mention only those things that match your job description.

However, avoid using fancy bullet designs. Use simple bullets such as circles, squares, hyphens, etc. this will not create a fuzz in readability.

Best Cover Letter format sample to get an Idea!   

Here is the example of resume cover letter for job application reviewed by the experts from the field.

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