Best Accounting Assistant/ Accountant Resume Skills and Resume Keywords for Your Resume

Accounting Assistant or an Accountant’s job is very important in a company structure. Accounting assistants perform clerical work as well as complex accounting calculations of the accounts department.

Knowing about Accounting Resume Skills will help you in optimizing your resume for Applicant Tracking System. Optimization of resume will result in better ranking of your resume. That in turn will help you land more interview calls, and finally get the job of your dreams.

In This Guide You Will Find:

  • Accounting Resume Skills
  • Accounting Assistant Resume Keywords
  • Suggestions on how to extract resume keywords from Job Description and use them in your resume
  • Accounting Assistant Job Description & Requirements

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Run Your Resume Against Job Description to Get Suggestions

Accounting Assistant Resume Skills:

Accounting Resume Skills include both Hard Skills and Soft Skills.

Top Hard Skills to include in Accounting Resume Skills are:

  • Basic Computer Knowledge: For performing day-to-day clerical tasks.
  • MS Office: For creating expense reports, creating budgets, presentations etc.
  • Accounting Software: For performing general accounts related works online.
  • Accountancy Knowledge: For core accounting tasks.
  • Book-Keeping: For accounting tasks.
  • Computing: For accounting tasks.
  • Accounting: For accounting tasks.

And so on.

Top Soft Skills to include in Accounting Resume Skills are:

  • Communication Skills: For better teamwork, good networking within and outside the organization, and building better professional relationship with coworkers.
  • Organizational Skills: This is one of the most important Accounting Resume Skills to have. That’s because Accounting Assistants perform many functions, they should have very good organizational skills. This helps in multitasking without mixing up your jobs and creating a mess.
  • Time-Management Skills: Accounting Assistants must have Time-Management Skills when they are including Accounting Resume Skills and Accountant Resume Keywords in their new resume. Accountants have to be time efficient to meet the target deadlines, especially for accounting-related functions like managing payroles, making transactions, keeping records etc.
  • Other Soft Skills to include in Accounting Resume Skills are: Leadership, adaptability, integrity, commercial knowledge, ability to keep themselves updated with latest financial trends etc.

Accountant Resume Keywords:

Knowing about Accountant Resume Keywords will help building a better resume for facing the ATS. According to Accountant/ Accounting Assistant’s general job description, the most common Accountant Resume Keywords are:

Accounting, Accounts, Basic Accounting, Software, Data Entry, Typing Skills, Professional Manner, CODE, Answering Phones, Typing, FACT, Phones, Trustworthy, Quickbooks, Fact-Checking, Corrective Actions, Credit Control, Multitasker, Spreadsheets, Reconcile, Petty Cash, Accounts Payable, Payments, Senior Management, Management, Communication, Motivated, Time Management, Management Skills, Time Management Skills, Honest, Organized, Communications, Written Communication, Communication Skills, Ethical, Multitask

However, these Accountant Resume Keywords are general keywords, and not specific for a particular job posting.

Expert Suggestion on using Accountant Resume Keywords:

Resume Keywords can vary slightly from one job posting to another. So it is better that whenever you are applying for a new job, go through the job description each time. Then, Extract relevant keywords to include them in your resume. RezRunner will help you with this.

Accounting Assistant/ Accountant Job Description:

The day-to-day job of an Accounting Assistant includes data entry, data processing, keeping records, accounting, book-keeping, tracking and processing transactions etc. An Accounting Assistant’s job roles also include clerical works like maintaining files, responding to emails, preparing invoices, preparing expense reports, managing financial transactions, cash transactions, preparing cheques for payments and so on. Common Accounting Resume Skills will provide you enough suggestions about the job description.

Accounting Assistant Qualification:

Accounting jobs need candidates coming from accounting/ commerce background with a minimum requirement of a graduate level degree on any related subject. Computer proficiency with knowledge of accounting software, and relative work experiences are desirable.

Get Accounting Assistant Resume Examples Here.

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