Is LinkedIn useful? 8 reasons you must be on LinkedIn

Are you a professional? Are you looking for a job, or has one already? If any one of these questions answers in Yes, then you should be on LinkedIn.

If this is not reason enough for you, keep reading to know the 8 most compelling reasons why you should be on LinkedIn.

1. Building a network

LinkedIn is the top place to reach beyond your circle of acquaintances and make some new connections. You can search for people who are in fields related to you, connect to them, and build a great network of worthy and useful connections. A big professional network is helpful in many ways. You never know when you are in need and the LinkedIn connections might come for the rescue. Better network also helps in increasing your visibility. The top usefulness of LinkedIn lies in its networking potential.

2. Lead generation

Like network building, for lead generation too, LinkedIn is the number one platform preferred by professionals all over the world. With millions of monthly users, you can find literally every person of importance on LinkedIn. With such a vast database of users, you can easily search for, and find your potential client or customer for free. You can then reach out to them via connection requests or direct messages. Even posting about your products or services will be helpful as a free marketing tactics.

3. The #1 place to get hired

The job market scenario is changing hard and fast quickly, and people are no longer getting hired the traditional way. According to new researches, LinkedIn is currently the recruiters’ favorite platform to hire new recruits. The reason why recruiters prefer hiring from LinkedIn is that without trying much, they can peek through the entire professional profile of the potential candidate and decide whether they are a good fit for the organization or not. This is one of the best usefulness of LinkedIn.

4. New recruiters stalk you on LinkedIn

Another important usefulness of LinkedIn lies in the fact that new recruiters are likely to look for you in LinkedIn. Even if the recruiters do hire the candidates from other job portals like or, most of them will search for the LinkedIn profile of the candidates before hiring them. Not having a profile on LinkedIn might very well lead to rejections. When two candidates are equally qualified, but one of them has a LinkedIn profile and one of them doesn’t, the one with the profile will obviously get points in his/ her favor.

5. A branding tool for you

LinkedIn is the best tool for building a brand image for you or your organization for free. You can add positive and impressive details on your profile, share inspiring stories about your professional experiences, let them know you are looking for a job change, or inform them about a newly acquired skill or qualification. In short, you can advertise yourself or your brand through LinkedIn for free. This is why usefulness of LinkedIn is so widely accepted by people across the globe.

6. Helps generate trust

With endorsements and recommendations, it’s a dependable tool for trust building among recruiters. These two options are very helpful features in LinkedIn. If you don’t have any recommendations from your previous employers or colleagues, your brand value will drop. So, don’t hesitate to seek recommendations, and also ask your acquaintances to endorse your skills. When the potential new recruiter will search for your profile, these endorsements and recommendations will help them trust you. Any person can add a number of skills on their own on their LinkedIn profile, whether they actually possess it or not. But endorsements from connections will mean that they actually possess it and those are not just empty claims.

7. Staying up to date with industry trends

The usefulness of LinkedIn rests not only in getting hired or building trust and brand image, but also in staying updated with the current trends and changes of the industry. As a professional, one needs to stay updated with the latest news and trends all the time, and what better place to gain those knowledge from the news-makers themselves?

8. Follow top companies and recruiters

You can follow the top companies and recruiters of your industry in LinkedIn. As mentioned earlier, following them on LinkedIn will ensure the fastest knowledge about the insider news of the industry. Also, when they are hiring, you will be among the first ones to know. The early bird always gets the best fruit.

So, in short, these are the top usefulness of LinkedIn. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet, gear up and make it the topmost priority in your to-do list.