8 interview secrets no one tells you!

Attending a lot of interviews but not getting any offers? We are here to help with 8 of our secret and exclusive interview tips for you, coming straight from recruitment experts in various fields.

The post-covid job market is a scary albeit accomodating place right now. Competitions are fierce and jobs are scanty. With Gig Works making it to the mainstream, the splurge in remote working, and the boost in skill-based hiring (as opposed to experience-based), there are two things that a candidate should know:

1. Getting a well-deserved, full-time job is more difficult than ever
2. For the right candidate though, there’s always a place amidst the chaos.

So, if you make it to the interviews, don’t let a silly and unwarranted mistake ruin your chances of getting the job. And knowing the following interview secrets will definitely help you in the process.

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Secret 1: It’s a two-way street of interest:

What many people don’t know is, employers are just as eager to hire you as you want to be hired. From the hiring manager’s point of view, it’s a tiresome task to interview a bunch of people one after another. It will not add any special value to their profile, and it will take up a lot of time which could otherwise be used on some other fruitful work.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier for them if they get the right candidate sooner than later? That’s why the hiring managers really want to hire you. Keeping this fact in mind will help you in boosting your confidence.

Secret 2: You Should Ask Questions:

Interviewers often ask the candidate this question: “Do you have any questions for us?”. You are probably already prepared for this question, aren’t you? This is such a common question that it no longer takes the candidates by surprise. They already make a list of questions to be asked to the interviewers and keep it with them.

But, our secret interview tips for you is, don’t keep the questions for the end. Keep asking them questions whenever you get the chance. For example, if the interviewer asks you about your free-time activities, like “What do you like to do on Saturday nights?”, you can answer like this: “I usually go to the club and meet my friends, play some indoor games or watch a movie. Is there any recreational facilities available in this office?”.

Doing this will not only help build a better rapport with the interviewers, but it will also maintain a conversational tone, which is much appreciated over a one-way question and answer session.

Secret 3: Backing up your claims is extremely important

In an interview session, it is important to make plausible and tangible claims that you can back up with examples, or provide solid proof.

For example, when recruiters ask you- “Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?”, you don’t say things like “I dream of having my own company, I will be rich and successful”, or “Perhaps on the other side of this table”, because, they might be true, but they are not tangible.

Or, when the interviewer asks you about your past achievements, you can say things like “I helped my team complete a certain project in record time by doing this and this”, things that you can prove, not things like “I worked great, I was an awesome employee, I beat everyone else and proved myself to be the best” etc.

Secret 4: Focusing on yourself and forgetting about the competition is the winning attitude

Another secret among the best interview tips that many people are not aware of, is: the competition does not matter.

Becoming self-conscious in the interview after noticing the other contenders is a blunder. You know nothing about the other candidates, so you have got no reasons to be worried.

When you are inside the interview premises, and waiting in the lobby with other candidates, it’s a good idea to not indulge in long and intimate conversations with others. Exchanging pleasantries is okay, but discussing about your career and professional life is not. And you are not there to make friends. So, concentrating on yourself and memorizing important points about the upcoming interview will be helpful for you to keep your focus right.

Secret 5: You should showcasing your Soft Skills every chance you get:

Soft Skills are not mere keywords that you include in your resume and forget about it. If you want a successful interview, don’t forget to mention and implement your soft skills.

Sometimes, there might be direct questions about soft skills, like your ability to adopt, teamwork skills, organizational skills etc. In such cases, it is easier for you to let the recruiters know that you possess all those skills. But in case you are not given such opportunities, you should take the initiative.

You can include soft skills in your introduction paragraph. You can also mention them wisely with other answers.

For example, when you are asked a question like “I see you have been working as an account assistant in your previous company. Tell us about how you managed that job efficiently”, apart from describing the job, you can also add additional information like “As my job demanded to look after different domains of responsibilities, it required for me to apply my organizational skills in the best possible way to keep a tab on each task that I’ve been assigned”.

Secret 6: You need to look the part to get the job:

Appearances are important in interviews. Pay attention to the dress code of the company before selecting your outfit for the interview. Also, don’t ignore the grooming part.

The Experts advise that you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Keeping that in mind will help a big deal. Another one of the most popular interview tips says that you should dress like the person who holds the immediate senior position of the post you are applying for.

Both these suggestions will help you look the part, and ultimately creating a great impression in the interview.

Secret 7: Know how to Show off the right amount of interest:

This is a tricky one. On the one hand, you don’t want to look too desperate and eager by showing off too much interest. On the other hand, you also don’t want to act too casual and totally uninterested too! You need to find the right balance between the two.

Other interview tips related to this one are:
A. Even if you are not ecstatic about the job, don’t let the recruiter know that. You must be attending the interview because you want the job, isn’t it? Keep that in mind and act like this is a great opportunity for your career and you are eager to work there.

B. When recruiters ask you about other offers you have/ other interviews you are attending to, never ever say that you don’t have any other offers. Recruiters will think that you are not desirable. Even if you don’t have any other offers/ interviews right now, tell them that you are very early in your job search process and are looking through multiple opportunities.

Secret 8: Opening up about your interest and hobbies gives the interviewer a chance to peek into your personality

One of the most valuable interview tips championed by industry experts is opening up to the recruiters.

As a full-time employee, you will be spending 9+ hours with these people. So it’s necessary that you have an easygoing and friendly relationship with your colleagues. So, when recruiters want you to share more details about you outside work, you should not shy away, instead, let yourself open up.

But of course, that does not mean that you can treat the interviewers like your buddy and start discussing your girlfriend/ boyfriend or your affinity towards alcohol. Keep the conversation limited to your hobbies and pastimes.

So, these were the 8 secret interview tips for you. We hope you apply them in your next interview and succeed! All the best in your job search.

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